Surfaces from us, habitats from nature 

Land + Water magazine (2019)

The branche magazine land+Water approached us with the question to write an article for their november edition about the floating insect park in Eindhoven. You can find the article by clicking on the title link. The article describes (in Dutch) how our idea came to existence and how it is applied to the pilot. 

Royal Dutch Water network (2019)

The Royal Dutch Water network interviewed us and the Water board about the floating insect park and the story behind it. It explains how strings of fish eggs will attach to the Blue fins and that the application will work on larger floating facilities as well. The pilot will show what the best material is we can use for the Blue fins in the future

Eindhovens Dagblad (2019)

In the regional paper of Eindhoven the first announcement of the floating insect park is made. The article explains in what way this project is unique and is able to improve the local water quality

Waterforum magazine (2019)

The Dutch magazine Waterforum is a national phenomenon. The organisation describes in their article how the floating insect park will compensate loss of space for both terrestrial and aquatic flora and fauna. 

Van Hall Larenstein (2018)

At the start of the new educational year Jasper Vermeulen gave a presentation at van Hall Larenstein, University of applied sciences. He talked about what it is like to have your own business and how to educate students on it. 


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