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2283JM Rijswijk The Netherlands

Transforming Water Landscapes


We prioritize using existing materials to reduce waste and minimize our environmental footprint.

Instant Solutions

Through prefabrication, we cut down on construction time and minimize disruptions at the site.


We add greenery to enhance urban environments and promote biodiversity conservation.



The driving force behind Blue Habitats is electrifyingly ambitious! Picture this: not only do we transform cramped urban spaces into vibrant oases, but we also revolutionize our relationship with nature. With cutting-edge design and eco-friendly tech, these floating utopias aren’t just a dream – they’re a thrilling blueprint for a future where harmony between city life and the environment is the norm. Let’s dive into a world where sustainability isn’t just a buzzword – it’s a way of life!


We’ve developed multiple products aimed at enhancing water quality through their utilization.


The Sea Tree is a product for cultivating high-density green spaces within urban environments: the Sea Tree. This groundbreaking structure is engineered as a floating platform housing numerous tiers of green habitats reserved solely for animals.


are floating artificial reefs at depths of 15-30 meters to support marine life, especially resilient corals. It aims to combat the effects of rising sea temperatures and promote biodiversity.


Water wings are floating structures made of windmill wings, designed to be versatile and adaptable. They can be constructed using various modules, such as a park module, a boulevard module, a shop module, and more.


Are square floating structures designed to facilitate the growth of vegetation, especially aquatic plants. Their design is modular, allowing for versatility in application.

Ready to start new projects with Blue Habitats?

We are constantly available to explore potential collaborations aimed at transforming water landscapes.